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:: almost had an epic gamer moment on a support rep today
Posted by toolboxio
Posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 20:15:24 PM

a week ago, 22 april, me and the bois™ were playing COD WZ like usual. killing dudes and talking some shit. learning the ropes and lazer beaming nerds. this game is different, however. we can chat with the match! this has never happened before.

russian and chinese text characters spamming chat. this is a bad sign. 

the game starts and immediately i'm killed before i have a chance to open my chute. killcam shows a the guy who killed me instantly headshotting a dude then snapping to me waaaay up in the air. headshot. we run into a bunch of cheaters throughout a bunch of games. it's just a part of the experience at the moment, so we deal with it. 

time comes for them to leave, so we log out.

the next day, I log in and search for a match. fill the squad. why not.

"searching for match <52ms ....... <75ms ....... 100ms ...... 150ms ....... 200ms"

then hangs

i got frustrated and quit

the bois and i want to play on friday. same thing happens. they can connect with each other and solo, but i drag everyone down.

"maybe you should contact support"

yeah. i haven't done anything wrong. court can connect and play fine on her computer. ima contact support.

i should have just fucking chalked it up to a 20$ loss.

this was my exchange with the rep today:

Secure connection with Support Agent established. Welcome, Gamer!

Jhonatan B: Activision Support reporting for duty!
How may I help you today?
You: i have an open case. ########
You: i also have a picture to add
Jhonatan B: Hi ####, I hope you're doing well!, I'll be more than happy to assist you.
Let me take a look into it allow me no more than 3 minutes.
You: Okay. Could you also see if there is an issue with my IP
Jhonatan B: Mate! After checking the case all you were missing was the connectivity info to have this escalated to a higher level, I'll open a request file so you can attach the information.
You: i am having difficulty attaching the file
Jhonatan B: Are you receiving an error.
You: the overlay isn't allowing me to attach the fine
You: file*
You: can i upload it to imgur?


Jhonatan B: Mate can you please provide me with the following information:

Internet service provider:
Router Model:
NAT type:
Connection type:
You: region: usa
You: router model: linksys ea7300
You: NAT type: moderate
You: connection type: wired
You: my wife is able to connect to the game and play. same connection. no port forwards
Jhonatan B: Thanks for the information mate.
I will go ahead and send your case up to be reviewed further by our teams and report this issue. We don't have an ETA for an update from higher team. However, as soon as we get an update, I'll follow up with you via email on file. I really appreciate your patience! For reference we have created case: 10961697
You: do note in the case that i purchased a battlepass on april 13, 2020 (blizzard order #US555278247). my issues started happening on april 22, 2020. it is now april 29, 2020.
You: if something happened to my account like getting caught up in the wave of bans, i would like to know.
Jhonatan B: Mate! Normally on the game you receive a notification if that is the case.

Besides this is there anything else that i could help you with.
You: indeed.
You: i suppose not. thank you.
Jhonatan B: Thanks for contacting Activision Support. Feel free to reach out to us again if you need help with anything else in the future.

Have a great day, stay safe, and take care!


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