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:: haha gosh golly jeepy creepies wally
Posted by toolboxio
Posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 14:34:31 PM

how do you get banned from facebook dot com?

it's almost like if you talk shit and people don't agree, they'll report you. since facebook is largely automated, no real person looks into it. your post could have been a harmless maymay about how orange man is bad or a mean-spirited, disingenuous wall of text about how you're the victim. 

either way.

"how am i the asshole?" how difficult is it to just shut your mouth? very, apparently.

along a long enough timeline, eventually somebody isn't going to put up with the things you say. seems that time has come up. they see that you getting the ban hammer is the funniest shit. and it is.

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