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:: corndogs and corndog accessories
Posted by toolboxio
Posted on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 09:44:03 AM


i turned forty (40) last week. new pains are developing at an unnatural rate. is this what getting old is like? i don't appreciate it. 

i pay 12 dollars a month for this website and i don't use it for anything. sounds about right. i can think of worse ways to burn a small pile of single dollars.

i promise i will post more as the time arises.


there is a massive spike in the COVID-19 coronavirus spread. it's finally hit mainland united states. people are freaking the fuck out. costco on the west coast is reporting shortages of surgical masks and toilet paper. because no better time to have a gamer moment than a pandemic lmao.

also also

today is what is referred to as "super tuesday" or "the day i saw bernie sanders get buttfucked on two separate presidential elections." the establishment dnc doesn't want a socialist. democratic socialist. whatever flavor you want to brand it. i don't care. they're going to give him another vacation house and he's going to endorse creepy uncle touchy biden. and malleable minds are going to riot. 

and that airborne aids is going to spread at an alarming rate.

oh boy.

it's good to see all of you again.

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