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:: demoscene shit
Posted by toolboxio
Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 11:19:37 AM

every once in a while, i get a wild hair up my ass to get back into tracking. it's a fun, ~HUGE~ waste of time. my buddy linked me to a vid with hoffman mixing .mod files raw, like a dj. shit's wild.

this got me somewhat excited. i thought, surely, the tracker music scene was dead. untrue. especially not the amiga/c64 scene.

PT-1210 Mk1 Protracker Digital Turntable

um excuse me


there are a couple amiga emulators. FS-UAE and winUAE, respectively. but apparently the hardware was wildly successful in eu/jp, so much there's an abundance of old hardware you can get on ebay for next to nothing. there's also a lot of places that sell aftermarket shit like IDE to usb converters and SD card replacements for the 3.5 floppy. some of it requires soldering knowledge, a lot doesn't. there's even standalone versions, but i'm sure they are out of this world expensive. really neat shit, regardless.

we owned an amiga500 when i was a wee lad. i didn't get into computers until i was like 12 or 13, tho. by then, i had moved onto x86 PCs. unfortunately, the us didn't have a huge scene like the eu/jp.

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