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:: social media is stupid and you're stupid
Posted by toolboxio
Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 09:50:19 AM

i straight the fuck up left facebook. shit was giving me a panic attack.

since all this black lives matter stuff started, i've stayed quiet. i would have been down with your movement had you stayed on track. but that train left the rails a long time ago. now, everything is a personal slight; everything is racist; silence is violence.

it would have also been down with your movement had you not allowed interlopers to embed themselves within. now you've got anarchists and radicals as well and marxists and socialists. quite a ball of fuckery going on. each of these groups are vying for power. if one of these groups achieve power, the remaining groups will become an other and be destroyed. by any means necessary. funny how that works out.

have a youtube:

WHITE ALLIES: when your usefulness runs out, they're going to get rid of you. that could be any number of ways, all of them are bad for your health. don't be surprised if it happens to you.

just sayin

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