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21.August.2019 09:50 | toolboxio | ION FURY
this could get me into some shit, but i don't give a fuck. it's important.

a description i stole from somewhere, i forget: "Ion Fury (originally announced as Ion Maiden) is a first-person shooter video game developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms, while the console versions will be published by 1C Publishing. It is intended to be a prequel to Bombshell, and uses the EDuke32 source port of the Build engine, being the first commercial game using the Build engine since 1999. A preview campaign was released on 28 February 2018 on Windows and Linux via Steam, followed by GOG.com on 21 March 2018."

the regular anti-consumer fuckwads at the regular places doing their regular shit:

[kotaku] "Ion Fury Studio Apologizes For Developers' 'Sexist And Transphobic' Comments, Will Patch Out Offensive Jokes"
[eurogamer] "Ion Fury studio apologises for sexist and transphobic comments by staff"
[destructoid] "3D Realms and Voidpoint issue apologies for Ion Fury developer's transphobic/sexist comments"
[game informer] "After Transphobic Comments Spark Controversy, Ion Fury Developers Apologize For Employee Remarks"

niche gamer are good boys that deserve the ad revenue:

[niche gamer] "Ion Fury Dev Suggests Fans Pirate Game After Public Outcry, Says “F*ck Politics”"

ionfury.zip ARRRRRRR


it's quite the accomplishment when "PROBLEMATIC" games and developers garner the attention of resetera, the offshoot of neogaf. an internet forum that once claimed to have gaming industry professionals posting on it. it's a hundred times worse than somethingawful's forums, as you can get banned for the silliest reasons.

20.August.2019 19:58 | mojo | Hot Chips 2019

18.August.2019 17:13 | mojo | Best x570 mobos vs x470. X570 is uber expensive

18.August.2019 17:06 | mojo | Tech news

18.August.2019 01:39 | toolboxio | LEG AIDS: pictures
started on wednesday, aug 7

as i was walking to work, aug 8

at the emergency room triage. had a 102°F fever. oh boy

a day or two later at some point. got like six big IV bags of zincomycin

getting discharged from the hospital on sunday, aug 11


14.August.2019 20:17 | toolboxio | also
i got a rockin staph infection last week. like the third time in fifteen years. landed me in the hospital for five days. i'll upload some pictures soon™.

14.August.2019 19:48 | toolboxio | put in my two weeks notice today
got a new job squared away beforehand, relax.

waited until the end of the day to tell him. i feel relieved, yet distraught. i only worked there for twelve years.

i made myself into an asset and a liability at the same time. worked my ass off for the company's survival. but worked my ass off for the company's survival. when issues came up, tool was the one to fix it. if i wasn't there, shit ground to a stop. i got called on sick days where the boss would try to guilt me into coming in. "are you bleeding out of your eyes? no? well you can do X. it'll be real quick. twenty minutes tops." nothing is ever "real quick."

picking up a bad customer and the boss bending over backwards for him was the nail in the coffin. the customer never worked with me to get anything sorted. he would just email files and with no instruction and want a product in a few days. then would call and complain to the boss who didn't know wtf was going on in the first place.

shit like that.

working until aug 30, 2019.

begin new job the tuesday after labor day, sept 3.

12.August.2019 12:47 | toolboxio | almost became break-in statistic #2 this morning
some guy was poking around outside the house today. broad daylight. so i think i'm gonna buy a fucking gun.

rang the bell like five times and banged on the door like the police. opened the mail slot as well. i hear somebody on the back porch. i swing open the door, we lock eyes, and he books it. "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE" i scream as he's tripping over driveway rocks and hauling ass.

i'm not allowed to state the guy's color, else i'll be branded a racist

11.August.2019 18:59 | Gruntster | Mike Hock
has anyone seen Mike Hock lately?

05.August.2019 18:28 | toolboxio | LMAO UPDATE

05.August.2019 18:24 | toolboxio | We've temporarily limited some of your account features

https://t.co/RBdpGuZlqD links to the kiwifarms thread with the E3 journo dox lmao fuck twitter

you can get a pretty good feel for the situation on the KF thread, but this is how it broke:

05.August.2019 15:21 | toolboxio | JFK RELOADED v1.1


JFK Reloaded v1.1


run "JFKRExtraOptions.exe" to setup your resolution and shit. you MAY have to run in compatibility mode (SP3) to get it to stream.

05.August.2019 00:37 | toolboxio | :^)

03.August.2019 22:44 | toolboxio | ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (2019)
(a review)



02.August.2019 16:34 | toolboxio | gonna go watch once upon a time in pedowood tonight
i mean once upon a time in hollywood

will do a review when i get in

02.August.2019 16:09 | toolboxio | starsector

download it here (FS page) or here (local), but i recommend buying it. it's just $15.


01.August.2019 00:30 | toolboxio | you ever been so stressed out, you couldn't shit?
that's me right now.

30.July.2019 18:18 | toolboxio | /k/ommando patches n shit

30.July.2019 16:19 | toolboxio | but everything gives you diarrhea
untrue. MOST everything gives me diarrhea.

walked down to arby's today for lunch. got the bourbon bbq turkey sandwich. whatever that sauce is made of, it is delicious. also, it turns my insides into a lavaflow the second it reaches my stomach.

this is probably the last time i order it.

29.July.2019 20:48 | nicomagi | Hello.
Here I am back on my bullshit.

29.July.2019 15:31 | toolboxio | comfy

29.July.2019 10:18 | toolboxio | *sip
i've been convinced to leave my job. it's not a dead-end, but i have learned everything there is to be learned without the boss purchasing expensive equipment. his face squishes up when i mention the price of said equipment. the make and model i'm looking into is in a higher five to six-digit price range. absolutely too much to purchase outright. i see it as an investment; he sees it as bags of money floating away. i told him i'm not telling him how to run his business, but he's missing out on a lot of money by turning jobs away because the shop simply cannot handle the workload. so i dunno. i've tried as much as i can. the boss has helped me out incredibly, but still won't pay me what i'm worth. so i'm looking into a career that will. i still have the knowledge from the first job to fall back on.

longtime buddy worked his way up the chain at his job and thought of me when his superiors said "hire eleven people in the next six months." it's a complete 180 from my current industry. going from manual labor to an office job is going to be rough. the first day i went in to the current job, i was wearing nice pants and a button up. the guy who hired me was like "hope you're not planning on keeping those slacks nice HEH HEH." he was right. my pants got ruined and i never wore anything nice to the shop again. this was twelve years ago.

also, MAN dropped wordpress because it felt as if i was fighting the style/theme as opposed to the theme working with me. went back to coranto because, surprisingly, it still works fine. although, trying to go back and figure out how everything works in concert is suuuuper shitty. i haven't touched perl or css in over a decade. it's all moved to css and php. css can do some interesting stuff, but i really really don't like how every wordpress blog or page or whatever looks and acts the exact same. all of them use a hacked up variant of a free theme because you either hire somebody to build you one or you learn how to code using their custom xml language which shouldn't work, but does for some reason.

i'm serious. inspect any websitepage. it's all a spaghetti mess of css and DIVs.

29.July.2019 01:15 | toolboxio | big think

27.July.2019 12:11 | toolboxio | butters

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