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13.June.2024 21:39 | boxy | custom icons for "This PC" in win10

blatantly stolen from reddit


submitted 1 year ago * by FuglyLookingGuy

How to change icons for any drive letter, including Network Locations.

So I found a write up for this method a couple of years ago and lost the link. I've finally remembered how I did it before, and since I see this same question asked many times online, hopefully this might help someone.

I did this on Windows 10 Pro. Other versions may vary. I just wish Microsoft didn't make this such a PITA to do. Anyway here's the method.

You'll need:

A basic understanding of Regedit.exe
Icons, either downloaded elsewhere or self made.
Too much time on your hands

Create a folder somewhere on your system. You'll keep the drive icons here. Eg "C:\Icons" If you move the folder you'll have to redo the links again. Pick a good place the first time.

Either download or make your icons you want to use as drive icons. I made mine from manufacturer's product photos of the drives. I used IrfanView to crop, resize (128x128 pixels) and save the .ico files. Put them in the folder you made in Step 1.

Run Regedit.exe. Navigate to "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Explorer.exe"

Right-click on "Explorer.exe" and create a new key called "Drives"

Right-click on "Drives" and create a new key with the name of the drive letter you want to change. Eg if you want a new icon for your C: drive, name the key "C". You can create a key for every drive letter, A through to Z if you want. I'll assume "C" going forward.

Right-click on the drive letter you just created, in this case "C", and create a new key named "DefaultIcon". If you left click on this key, it should be called "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Explorer.exe\Drives\C\DefaultIcon". If not you screwed up somewhere.

With the "DefaultIcon" key selected in the left pane, right-click (Default) in the right pane under the heading "Name" and select "Modify".

In the dialogue box that pops up, in the "Value data" entry, put the full name and location of the icon file you wish that drive to use surrounded with quotes. Eg "C:\Icons\Best Icon Ever.ico". Remember to include the quotes so it doesn't break if you have a space in the name.

Open up File Explorer -> This PC and check your handiwork. Hit F5 to refresh every time you change the icon for a new drive. If you've screwed up somewhere, or want to go back to the boring Windows default icons, just delete the drive letter key under "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Explorer.exe\Drives" to undo the changes.

You're done. You can now repeat the above steps for as many drives as you want.

13.June.2024 20:00 | boxy | i tried

i really did

but holy fucking shit what have you done to star wars, disney? lmfao

12.June.2024 20:05 | boxy | L shaped desk

11.June.2024 10:34 | boxy | BREAKING: Hunter Biden convicted

of all 3 felony charges in federal gun trial


can't use "bbbut my dad is the president" anymore

also, if you're going to smoke crack and bang hookers, don't record it

10.June.2024 15:03 | soc | You Will Sing Along, I Promise.

07.June.2024 15:05 | boxy | you can do the robot with j t

07.June.2024 14:58 | boxy | OG xbox softmod

XB softmodding tool

512 MegaByte flash drive

xbox to female usb


06.June.2024 23:33 | soc | Shingles On The Roof

Not much progress, pulled hamstring in left leg which made it hard to do anything for the past week. Include the absolute rain , rain, rain with one day of sun, it's going to be slow.

05.June.2024 16:43 | boxy | remember mr heemeyer

04.June.2024 12:44 | boxy | ssl / reverse proxy + caddy

it's for Emby, but it works for JF/anything. really good info

emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/81404-ssl-made-easy (archive)

emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/81476-ssl-made-easier-with-a-reverse-proxy (archive)

i remember i posted something about this a while back, but it was worded really, really badly. these are much easier to understand.

proxmox - virtual environment
zerossl - SSL CA and letsencrypt automation
caddyserver - reverse proxy
docker - container host for VMs
portainer (install community version) - UI for docker admin

01.June.2024 07:08 | boxy | kek

31.May.2024 15:07 | boxy | trump got convicted with all 34 counts


moral of the story: don't sleep with a washed up pornstar

i hope he wins from jail

29.May.2024 21:32 | boxy | NOW WAIT A MINUTE NICK NO

28.May.2024 14:44 | boxy | nick's search warrant came out

of course KF had it first

it looks reeeeeeeeeeeeeal bad and someone is going to be in a PR nightmare for a long, long time.

if it interests you, andrew esquire (legal mindset) went over the warrant this morning - starts around 7:00.

before the weekend, a lot of nick's """friends""" were stating "U DONT KNOW THE FULL STORY."

personally, i don't need to know "the full story" if kids are being victimised because someone can't stop using long enough to feed them.

if you're a grown ass adult, have your cucked wife swap swinger parties and do coke and ketamine until the end of time for all i care.

it's an unforgivable problem when kids are involved during all this.

28.May.2024 08:03 | boxy | them taint boys at it again

27.May.2024 16:42 | soc | Reeeee They Tracking Us On Public Information!

24.May.2024 12:05 | boxy | oh noooo

22.May.2024 14:25 | boxy | follow this one simple trick for new music

listen to it on repeat until you hate it or yourself

result may vary

21.May.2024 23:36 | soc | The Burden Of Success

>Stream two of the biggest court cases in recent years and make tons of money
>Have 5 kids
>Have loving wife
>Devoted to God
>Have up and looking career ahead of ya
>Realize you've become an alcoholic degenerate and LOLcow of the year

20.May.2024 18:43 | boxy | it really hasn't hit me the severity of the situation

found out today we can't have kids. one or both of us have fertility issues. nature of the beast, life. sometimes shit just happens beyond your control for no good reason and there's nothing you could have done differently to stop it.

demoralizing to say the least

maybe adoption can be considered, but i don't know

20.May.2024 18:29 | boxy | looks like TW is having a normal one lmao


17.May.2024 22:32 | soc | PorkChop Sandwhiches

17.May.2024 17:31 | boxy | "come on boxy, be spontaneous!"

last night after sexy tiem with my wife, she says "you wanna go up to [bar] and see [friend]?" no. i don't. "come on boxy, be spontaneous" she says. so i give in. little did i realize.

we get there and order some french fries just before the kitchen closes at 10. i get a mixed drank because haha i don't have to drive [WINK]. [friend] is the bartender. she gets a phone call and it's [retard_friend] who has borrowed her car to do his laundry. at the laundromat, i assume; don't care.

he says "don't be mad.." never start a sentence with that because the odds of you not being mad when they start talking is incredibly low. "so i accidentally locked your keys in the car." she says 'how the fuck do you do that? it won't let you unless you keep them in the car for X time." [retard_friend] says "i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i'm calling a locksmith." she says 'don't let anyone touch my car until i get there at 11."

so wife and i got conscripted to do what good friends do. we drive all the way back to her house, which is just down the road from us, to get the spare key and drive all the way over to [retard_friend]'s house. funny enough, he lives less than a block from where we used to live in the city.

we go over his house and he's barred out of his fucking mind. he shoves some money into my hand and says "this is for [friend]. and this is for you." yeah fine. i try the spare key and by some luck of the gods, it opens the door and i am in.

"so where's the keys," i say looking through the center console and the floorboards. now this man is not all mentally there as it is. the xanax made it much much worse. he says "well maybe it's inside." once i'm able to start the car, wife goes "okay, let's go back up to the bar and drop off the car. [friend] and i will come back here and help [retard_friend] tear his house apart." fine by me.

i'm on the interstate maybe five miles from the bar and wife calls. "he found them." what "he found them in the bowl next to the door, where they've been the whole time." god. alright.

i get back to the bar and drop off the car.

it's like midnight at this point. for the last two weeks or so, i have been getting my sleep schedule back on track, because i'm old and can't stay up super late anymore, laying down around ten or so. i'm pissed and wired.

moral of this story:
don't let retards borrow shit unless you come to terms with them fucking it up possibly.

16.May.2024 21:41 | soc | Removing Shingles: Days Later

The job became easier, first day was the worst. Got BAD sun stroke like a weak whiteboy cause I didn't put on sun screen. About half way done now but it's been more of the weather not cooperating than anything.

16.May.2024 16:14 | boxy | good read by null (kiwi farms)

Online Censorship's Institutional Power

16.May.2024 09:39 | boxy | steve ain't having it

MAN v23.12



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