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25.February.2024 11:59 | boxy | papa gym and warski (24FEB2024)

24.February.2024 13:24 | boxy | fairhope allabammer

the rich part of mobile on the other side of the bay; not exactly florida. real old money.

when i worked for the screenprinting place, the boss's wife always said "we're going to the beach for the 4th of july." i later found out "the beach" meant "mobile". mobile the city is very.. not in their price range. boss came from real old jackson money.

good vid. i want to go there

22.February.2024 15:43 | soc | I like Pussy, yes.

20.February.2024 15:14 | soc | Based English Boy Is Back

20.February.2024 13:07 | boxy | bout to play this tron game from 2023 nobody's heard of

but i gotta appreciate skidrow's installer music :^)


evidently it came to pc and switch

18.February.2024 14:58 | boxy | FOR DEMOCRACY

17.February.2024 10:10 | soc | PETER IS COMING FOR YOU BRO!

16.February.2024 11:33 | boxy | vidya gaem music

15.February.2024 11:10 | boxy | huh

14.February.2024 17:56 | soc | We Live In A Society
>See a carousel that would work great for a web development project.
>First you must install this CSS framework
>Next you can add our UI framework
>HOWEVER!!!! You Must enable other dependencies on the development end of thing to make it work.

Pic related is JUST the files you need to start out with on the development end, for ONE project.

fuck millienial devs

14.February.2024 09:18 | boxy | shitcoin
*coin was fun and silly in the beginning

but now that it's "mainstream" it's become suuuuuuuuuuper ghey

10.February.2024 11:49 | boxy | war, war never changes

10.February.2024 11:42 | boxy | hell yeah
i worked at a UA theater in 1998-2000. this greatly interests me.

>giving money to the mouse
lol suck my dick. disney getting eight dollars from me does nothing.

10.February.2024 10:52 | boxy | social media lizard men

10.February.2024 10:50 | boxy | this is POOR poor miss
pretty much all of the mississippi delta is extremely poor. there were plantations all up and down the MS river. after the civil war was over (~1865), the union said "all plantation slaves are free!" and since the slaves had nowhere to call home, they just stayed right there. rinse repeat all up and down the river.

the ones that didn't stay, left for the big cities like deetroit or chicago.

09.February.2024 20:48 | soc | EI EI EI 0 N1GGA

09.February.2024 18:36 | boxy | kek

09.February.2024 18:09 | boxy | theo is a pretty funny dude

08.February.2024 21:21 | soc | KEK

08.February.2024 18:30 | boxy | this is current normie outrage

wil wheaton is a 51 year old man who was diddled as a child maybe

additionally, wil left twitter in a huff to go to mastodon. he was swiftly run off from there for not groveling enough.

08.February.2024 15:36 | boxy | uncle joe "willfully retained classified notebooks"
uh oh
that doesn't sound good

report from special counsel robert k hur february 2024 dot pdf [archive dot org]

they're not charging joe because "he would be seen to the jury as sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

they're not wrong. at this point it should be elder abuse. homeboy doesn't know where he is half the time. the other time, he's jacked up on god knows what kind of super cocktail to keep him standing up long enough to read a teleprompter. and he still goes off the rails.

wild shit

08.February.2024 13:30 | boxy | my new "normal"
since ~2019, my life has been an up/down roller coaster of emotions and serious IRL shit, seemingly at consistent rate.

i don't plan more than a few days in advance because things can change rather quickly. i don't ask anything out of anyone i'm not willing to do my own damn self.

every time i see someone, they ask me how i am doing. i shrug and say "fine, i guess." i'm not fine; i am not doing ok. the happy meds have helped, but it's not exactly where i want to be.

where that is eludes me at the moment.

not an outdoors-y kind of guy. i definitely do not want to be that dude who always goes camping. we've agreed to go couples-camping in a week or two.

just being away from everything, if for a few moments, is all i want.

08.February.2024 12:19 | boxy | welyn is a good boy

07.February.2024 10:18 | boxy | the menace of streets

07.February.2024 09:56 | boxy | DEEP SOUTH
>the delta
hoooooo wee that is a CRAZY POOR part of the state

>bbut boxy, isn't the entire state poor?
well yes
but no too

05.February.2024 13:56 | soc | Today, Peter Done Do's Visist John's Stompin' Grounds

04.February.2024 04:30 | soc | New Hot Single All The Weebs Go For, D-E-S-U

03.February.2024 08:13 | boxy | INCELebration 2024

02.February.2024 14:09 | boxy | RIP
carl weathers died in his sleep yesterday.

02.February.2024 12:22 | boxy | #DignifAI


[ EDIT ] they BIG mad:


02.February.2024 11:40 | boxy | SKYKING SKYKING DO NOT RESPOND

02.February.2024 08:25 | boxy | FOUR HOURS
comicsgate is sooooooooo retarded. marvelous

02.February.2024 00:46 | soc | COMICSGATE DRAMA FARM
Man, the whole ride of the Comicsgate split has been a real one and retarded. I like retarded drama tho so it's all good.

31.January.2024 16:35 | boxy | wubby

30.January.2024 22:54 | boxy | another destiny vid

30.January.2024 20:24 | boxy | test


fixed the double posting
you can now put a youtube link AND News Text, not just one or the other

WEBM AND News Text is still busted, but i think that's fine for now

30.January.2024 20:09 | boxy | richard lee davis
we laid him to rest this morning.

he liked to joke about it, but richard was the reason my wife and i ever met.

he just so happened to be playing an acoustic set at this restaurant/bar in our hometown.

my wife just so happened to be fast friends with richard.

i just so happened to be moping around feeling sorry for myself and my friend at the time said archestratus was having half-off appetizers, an acoustic set by richard, and i needed to get out of the house.

without him, there would have been no us.

i deeply thank my brother for allowing this for me.

29.January.2024 19:37 | soc | Shut In Status: Gold
I've been a shut in for a very long time now. Covid confirmed that I was perfectly fine with that and I was about the only one I know who didn't suffer any kind of social problems because of it. If anything, I've become better while everyone else around me has gotten WAY worst.

Maybe I am still just the same and see the world for what it is while many other people are seeing the "ALEX WAS RIGHT" meme is far more than just a meme now and are coping to understand or where to go from here with it.

I can honestly say without a doubt that being a Christian right now has been most likely the single thing that's been keeping my head straight and my mind focused.

29.January.2024 17:56 | boxy | i used win2000 for far longer than i should have

29.January.2024 17:04 | boxy | star wars has sucked for a long time

29.January.2024 10:07 | boxy | additionally
it's been brought to my attention that i have become a reclusive shut-in. this is true. i do not deny it.

i don't have the patience for crazy bullshit anymore because i am dealing with a mountain of IRL stuff seemingly every day.

the happy pills fog my brain on purpose so that i can laser focus on shit that does matter: being there for others, allowing others to decompress - there ain't any wild drama going on over here.

i log on to the system at a 8am, fake it all day, then dick off on the internet until it's time for bed. rinse repeat indefinitely.

fairly sure that is not good for my health

29.January.2024 09:57 | boxy | funeral tomorrow
richard and i weren't super close, but he treated me no different than anyone else. he loved me and my wife. always the light of the party. dude had real creative talent.

he's not in any more pain.

see you on the flipside, my man

27.January.2024 16:27 | boxy | (pre-release demo)

MAN v23.12


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